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Smoker No
Drinker Weekender
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For Fun A combination of the above
Restaurant Types Cosy | Great views
Bar Types Bars in the city | DJ bars | Trendy bars
Music Funky ambient beats | Indie | Live bands | Rock
Big Night Spend Mind your own business!
Star Reviews

Review from: Babblesg

Little Miss Iron Woman - hot to trot, & a heart of gold. This girlie is one of the kindest women alive - especially if you're furry with 4 legs! Who let the dogs out!? - definitely not Leggy! :D

Review from: matthewb

Big personality, works hard, plays hard, stunning looks, and difficult to hold down and meet..ha ha!

Review from: drmcvet

Not a bad bird at all. In fact, she's just as nice on the inside as the out if you can believe that...